Advertiser Information


We provide advertised for our users to see and engage with. This is the policy that effects our relationship with our advertisers. If you would like to advertise the following rules and or policy applies to you. However you also need to contact us via our contact page to begin the process.


The following rules apply to those who wish to advertise with us regarding the kinds of advertising we accept.

  • All ads are ran based on the advertisers needs.
  • Your business / advertisement must be food related and or food product related.
  • The advertisement must link to either the food related site or page.
  • We do not accept links to Facebook or Pinterest.


We currently offer two ad sizes and several locations for our advertisers. The standard Box Ad size is 265x200 pixels. We also offer a banner ad that is 400x100. The box ads all appear on the right side of several main pages, and are static pages, with fixed image advertising. The Banner ad is located at the footer of several pages and is also a fixed image ad.

  • We do not allow pop up ads.
  • We do not allow video or moving ads.


The cost for an ad varies on the location and size and duration of the ad. Please contact us for more information via our contact page. You will need the following information.

  1. Ad location and size desired.
  2. Details as to your company product(s) that you carry.
  3. Website URL that you want to link to from our site.