Ask the Experts: Food Storage

Store 5 Times the Cans

Tired of cabinets that will not hold that many canned goods? Buy a soda can holder, designed for the refrigerator and place it in your cabinet, standard canned goods fit perfectly inside of them. And you can get up to FIVE times the amount of cans in the same space.

Free Up Drawer Space

Want to free up a lot of drawer space? Mount a metal file folder holder on the inside of a cabinet door, and place your plastic wrap, tinfoil and wax paper roll boxes in it. You will free up a ton of drawer space, and plus it keeps them neat and orderly.

Store Those Pesky Grocery Bags

So are you like us, and you keep those grocery store plastic bags? They are handy as heck. Here is a cool tip. Place them in a Kleenex box, and that way when you need one, all you have to do is pull one out. No more clutter and bags all over.

Find Bread On Sale

So you go to the store and find bread on sale. Bread will keep normally on the counter for a few days, and this would be good enough if you are going to be using it for lunches and such. However, if you have a few extra loaves place them in the freezer to store em for a few weeks. When you need a loaf, simply remove it the night before and by morning you will have fresh bread ready to make sandwiches.

DO NOT place bread in the fridge. The refrigerator will speed up the staling process, a process called retrogradation. It’s the process of the removal of moisture from products.

Make Eggs Stay Fresh Longer

Have one of those handy refrigerators that have an egg storage on the door. Dont use it... Instead place your eggs on the middle shelf where it is coolest. Placing eggs on the door, is placing the eggs in the warmest prt of the fridge. Thus they will not last as long. As a matter of fact, an added tip for you. Also, do this for Milk.

Storing Food in the Freezer

We checked with the USDA and asked their suggestions on how to properly store food in the freezer, and these are some of their suggestions. When freezing meat here are some interesting and helpful suggestions.

  • For beef and poultry keep them in, if possible their original packaging.
  • If packaging is open, wrap meat or poultry in plastic wrap.
  • Place wrapped items, or original packages in a freezer bag. Place in freezer.
  • Below are some guidelines for items for suggested freezer max times.

Ground Beef - up to 4 months

Roasts and Loins - up to 6 months

Cold Cuts and Hotdogs - up to 2 months

Poultry - up to 6 months

Use black permanent marker and write the date you place the meat in the freezer, when placing new meat in the freezer place it in the back, and the older stuff to the front. This is so you cycle your meat properly.