Mashed Potato Secrets

We all have had the imfamous gummy mashed potatoes, or too watery. However great Mashed potatos is not tough to make. There are some tips to ensure your mashed potatos are always a hit.

  • Picking the right potato is key in making great Mashed... Pick a good starchy one like a Russet or a solid all purpose like a Yukon Gold. The potato is the foundation of great mashed potatoes.
  • When cooking potatoes add them to lightly salted COLD water, and bring them up to teperature.
  • Add butter, some salt and milk to your potatoes, then use a hand masher or ricer. If you do not have one of these, then use a blender on low speed, and do not over work them
  • Some ideas to add to the mash while mashing... Some parmesan cheese, maybe some sour creme or creme cheese. A little fresh chopped garlic really can add some flavor. Even cooked carrots into the mash adds a nice flavor, and the potators come out with flecks of orange in them.

The thing is great mashed potatos is not hard, just some thought and planning.