Pasta Cooking Tips

We all have done it, cooked our pasta too long or not long enough. However, there are some tips to making better pasta, and some of these go against the grain of traditional thinking. However, read on and try a few of these and you will find that your pasta will turn out awesome.

  • Do not put oil in your water. I know... You have been told to do it, however do not. Oil in your water will not allow your sauce to stick properly to your pasta, and as long as your use rapidly boiling water, and stir your pasta constantly you will not have ny sticking propblems.
  • If your pasta is done before your meal, no big deal. Simply drain it and pour cold water over it to stop the cooking action. Then when ready toss it n boiling water for a few seconds and it will be perfect.
  • Make sure you salt your water, salt in your water does two things, one it seasons the water for a nice taste, and also it roughens up the surface of the pasta so it does not come out gooey or sticky.
  • Do not rinse your pasta after cooking. The only exception to this rule is when you cook it too soon, and need to shock it in cold water.

Follow these simple tips and you will see your pasta in a whole new light.